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ALL NEW! Real Deal
Cuba Libre Hat

Cache Me If You Can

Price: $29.99

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Meet the new El Jefe of headwear, una revolución in hat style! The Cuba Libre.

Named for the trendy mixed drink pairing potent Caribbean rum with good ol' American Coca-Cola, plus an essential splash o' lime juice, this tasty new hat brings to mind the signature straight-topped military cap of a certain notoriously bearded, cigar-chomping, former-rebel Cuban leader.

The brim of the Cuba Libre is wider than that of a standard ball cap. But unlike the iconic Cuban military hat, this Cuba Libre's brim is slightly narrow, and more rounded than it is square, while the hat's high crown, rather than being flat and rigid up-top, is ...more

Cache Me If You Can!
Geocaching Board Game

Cache Me If You Can
Regular: $59.99
NOW: $39.99

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The Geocaching Board game that is easy to learn, fun to play, and never plays the same way twice! The game dynamics change with each board setup.

It's all here. Caches, geocoins, hazards, multi-caches, puzzle caches, muggles and even a Swag Store.

Just like real geocaching, there are surprises along the way!

This game is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

And if you want to have even more fun, the Zombie Expansion Pack is a MUST HAVE addition to the game for those who like the fright!
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Paracord is Our Thing

As one of the fastest growing products to become popular, Paracord is actually the product that started it all for us. Originally known and used as parachute cord by the US military, all the paracord we use to craft our products is manufactured by the same US companies contracted to produce it for our military. So whether you get one of our products and wear it as a fashion accessory or just to look cool, you can be sure they are American made and crafted by us. And in an emergency situation, they can be unraveled to reveal various lengths of cord that can be used when survival depends on what's at hand. What will you do with yours? Visit our shop to see all our paracord gear or click an image below to jump to these specific product pages.

We ARE The Real Deal!

As an official dealer of the Real Deal product line, we now have all these great products, such as the Original hat, the Floppy hat and the Ball Cap available in our shop!

Handcrafted in a remote small town in rural equatorial Brazil out of wonderfully weathered recycled old cotton canvas tarps that once stretched across the beds of cross-country cargo trucks hauling open freight, these products with heavy stitching, boast shifts in color, fraying, stains, rips, punctures, patches and even occasional ink marks that you will love. When discarded by Brazilian trucking companies after lengthy use as protection for freight, the results are these products made in an effort to cut down on the wasting of the world's resources.

Most likely, your Real Deal product's fabric has traveled from the Amazon out to São Paulo and back again, north into intense heat and south into often bitter cold. It has slogged through sudden deluges of blinding rain, been baked and broiled in scalding sun, coated in frost and caked in ice, whipped by harsh winds, assaulted by road debris and sometimes even stamped upon in Portuguese with thick black ink. So don't try to take care of it, it will take care of you!

All Real Deal head gear ordered from our shop is shipped FREE!

Evil Cache Series

For the geocacher that thrives on being devious, these are the perfect items to have on your list of
geocache hides. Leave others scratching their heads and then saying ...... "WHAT? NO WAY!"

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  Chris Mackey Book Special!

Learn how to design your own geocoin or trackable item with this Signed, Numbered and Trackable, Limited Edition book, DISCOVERED: Memoires of a Geocoin Designer written by a geocoin design legned. Purchased alone or as a special combo package that includes the "DISCOVER ME" TEE-Shirt with your book's trackable code imprinted on it, you are sure be on your way to producing your very first or next, but improved, geocoin. Also available is a regular edition of the book. To take the first step in learning to design your own coin, click the links given above or an image below.


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Q. R. S.*
Quick Release Survival
A signature concept.

What's different about our paracord gear is built into the QRS. Just unravel twice (or three times) and PULL.

Most paracord gear constructed today take considerable time to unravel when you are in an emergency situation, but where you see our product labeled with "QRS", you can expect a Quick Release in a Survival situation.

As with every purchase of a our paracord products, our QRS products are produced with quality craftsmanship right here in the U.S.A. With our signature QRS products, you will also receive peace of mind because the entire length of the paracord item will deploy in a matter of seconds. So when survival depends on what's at hand, have one of our QRS paracord products close at hand.

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